2D & 3d art

One of the important elements of any game is the 2D and 3D art, be it the characters, background or animations. Developing all these is a task in itself and is something we enjoy immensely at ingamez studio. We make use of the agile development methodologies (SCRUM) for our game project, mostly because it helps us to navigate rapidly from concept art, storyboarding, character sketches to creating the final high-quality 2D characters, 3D characters, backgrounds, animation, and the entire ecosystem required to produce a great game.The real magic happens in the production phase, where the 2D artists gets to add colour, finish, detailing to the characters and the backgrounds. Since the process is agile, clients get to review the work in progress at scheduled intervals which helps in refining the process and helps create the pixel perfect finish.


At ingamez our work is our passion - we crave for perfection, love to pay attention to detail & help create that graphical universe which is unique and special. 3D art design and modelling is about putting life into the characters & model. It is an exciting phase in game development and we strive to create the simulation environment near to original. The visual detail of each elements of the game scene are meticulously created to make it realistic and suitable for an immersive user experience. This is achieved by creating low to high poly models that gives detail to the skin texture and materials.


Rigging is the process of creating a skeleton for a 3D model so as to it move. Typically the characters or models are rigged before they are animated, else they can’t be deformed or moved around in the virtual environment. To ensure a real-life experience in the game, rigging is crucial. We help in constructing these full-fledged skinned and rigged models ready to be animated and introduced into the game.


Concept art is another area we service our clients with.A game begins with an idea and converting that idea into a visual imagery is an art. That’s what concept art is all about. It involves creating the artistic aspects of the game such as illustrations of characters, game environment, background effects and many more. This is also called at programmer art and requires a different skill altogether.

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