develop impressive games and application that combine state-of-art technology with uncompromising art and engaging user experience.

Our game development approach can be summed up as a combination of domain specialization and results driven methodologies. The team brings together a group of highly skilled game designers, game artists, game developers, cloud and server management specialists, monetization strategists and marketers. The game development processes employed have been refined over years and across projects spanning all scales and platforms. From creating a rapid game prototype to play-test your ideas, to giving life to your vision and turning it into an engaging game or even taking it to the market - ingamez is one game development company that does it all.


Our Unity development team have rich experience in C# and JS scripting for developing Unity games and applications. In order to make the user experience better, special attention is given to make the application smoother and responsive.With many successfully shipped titles in PC, Google Play and Apple Store, our developers have made strong grounds in the game development domain. Using Shader programming, we try to keep the balance between graphics and performance. Since there is "High Level" scripting API in Unity's networking, our experienced network engineers use uNet to ensure that players get a seamless multiplayer experience throughout the game.


Unreal Engine is a complete 2D/3D game development suite that delivers high end visual and performance output. Our developers have extensive knowledge and experience in creating character controllers compatible with common input controllers available in market and advanced character AI behavior tree generation. We use Blueprint visual scripting to rapidly prototype and build playable content to author level, object and gameplay behaviors, modify user interface, adjust input controls and so much more. We also use C++ the base of Blueprints, wherever we need a deep access. In our works, we insist on memory optimisation through distance-based level streaming and object culling.


Games and apps are also developed using Spritekit 2D and SceneKit 3D. Our developers are well versed in Swift and Objective C. These frameworks employs the Metal framework, Apple's API for GPU-accelerated 3D graphics.Metal is designed to be extremely efficient with Apple hardware, offering much improved speed and low overhead compared to using OpenGL ES. We build and test games on every iOS devices to ensure muti hardware and multi screen compatibility.We conform to Apple's rules and guidelines to avoid any kind of rejection from the App Store.


Developing games using cross-platform technologies reduce the cost of production, allows for the better maintainability of the single code base, provides a greater reach to the game and saves a lot of time.We are well experienced in developing games and apps using hybrid technologies such as Cocos2Dx, Unity Pro, Unreal, HTML5/JS, etc. We ensure the uniformity of look, feel and performance in every platforms.


Assets and content for games and applications are optimized using various methods and techniques to make it compatible with various platforms and also for faster download speed over the internet. Proper memory management is done using level streaming, asset allocation, and optimization to render and perform in specific hardware.


There are many technologies and techniques to streamline audio post-production which has become standards within the industry. Digital editing and mixing, large-scale secure shared storage for editorial crews, and D-Cinema quality streaming for remote review are just a few. The developmental effort continues with the goal of providing flexible tools for our artists to design and create a comprehensive soundtrack against tight deadlines while leaving creative options open for as long as possible.


We bring the impossible to the screen, combining the visual elements from separate sources into single images.We are talented enough to handle complex projects, yet small enough to provide personalized attention. We have the experience to collaborate at every level, from supervision and workflow to design and finish. Most importantly, we are driven by a desire to create really great work.


The game development services we offer is a subset of software services that our parent company InApp offers. Visit InApp to know more about our other services

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