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the walking devils (VR)

Zombies are back !! The Best VR Zombie Experience with mind Blowing Horror ambience. Survival is the only option. Immerse into the Zombie wave & shoot'em till the last breath. Otherwise there will be blood shed.

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He is a factory worker who works overtime everyday to ensure that the machines are working properly. He has to overcome various challenges in order to maintain the heating level of the machines.

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AeroBike is a fun, adventurous bike racing game.This is a single bike, time based game and the main objective of this game is to complete a track within the allotted time, controlling the biker.

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malayalam aksharamala

A fun, easy and engaging way to teach your child Malayalam, Aksharamala is designed specially to familiarize your child with Malayalam letters and words. In a captivating and homely voice a letter and familiar words that begin with that letter are spelled out.

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Pooooy is an inspired and interactive game which is different from current trending mobile games. A brand new fun game that grasps the attention of all age user groups."Pooooy", the name derived from the main characters mannerism or an act of calling out loud.

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The game bodhi is visualized in a pre-historic world. The concept was developed in the Indian / Kerala traditional backdrop in place which we are familiar through folklore stories and epics. Fighting actions of bodhi was inspired from the South Indian martial art form, Kalari, so at every point you experience a traditional and cultural touch.

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